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A Developer’s Machine

I note with some lust  annoyance the new lab tests for Business Ultraportable laptops [http://www.itpro.co.uk/labs/94207/business-ultraportable-laptops.html] elsewhere on ITPro. It seems to be common knowledge that there are laptops for home users, office users, business users, silver surfers, the weak, the gamer and the third world. So why does the developer never get a laptop or indeed a desktop machine aimed specifically at them? We’re the people that write the software all these other users use. So play fair. Here are my specs. Where’s my cake to eat? * 2GB+ for running multiple virtual PCs * gigabit LAN  802.11n wireless for connectivity * Quiet * As much screenspace as possible for code : That means dual if not triple screen (with DVI) ability off the bat. * Excluding games programmers, a good enough graphics card to not slow down running a couple of dozen 2D windows running under Aero  Glass. For games programming, slots for the latest NVidia  ATI cards and the ability to switch between them in hardware profiles without WIndows choking on the idea + the latest graphics cards. * I have a stereo, I don’t need a soundcard. Unless I’m a games programmer. * A CPU that’s future proof enough for at least a couple of years. Perhaps a couple to run VPCs on individual cores. * A Hard Drive setup that’s fast and reliable enough to survive the many installs, builds, deployments, repartionings, defraggings, virus checks etc that it will be subjected to. Significantly more perhaps than any other user will give it. * Cheap enough for a company to buy several of if they like what they see.

I built my last machine to get the specs that seemed right to me three years ago. Now there aren’t even the drivers to run Vista on it. Custom PC? PC Pro? Computer Shopper? Your suggestions please?

Posted on September 26, 2006   #Geek Stuff  

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