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200 Pages In…

Jeez. It’s been over a week since I lasted posted something here. So much going on, so little time. MS now have 200 pages of the manuscript to look at, the names of a bunch of people kind enough to take a look at the rough draft and part one of our advance to pay. Wires have also been crossed and the final deadline in our contract switches between the date for either our first or our second draft to be handed in and we can’t tell which way it’s going to land yet. At this point, I’m not tense, just terribly, terribly alert, as a friend might say, and getting over the inertia of the next chapter which is easy to write once it’s started but it’s easy to remain in the cozy feeling of research and not do anything about it. Of course, the more research you do, the more you realise you need to put in, and therefore the more you put it off. There’s a certain pattern here….

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is coming. The turkeys that sought asylum from the killing sheds of the states in the UK are coming to realise that they really wanted to go some place that doesn’t celebrate Dec 25. Come to think of it, exactly what do turkeys have to do with the birth of Christ anyway? I don’t remember the gospels mentioning that they bowed their heads with the shepherds in the barn. Actually I don’t recall bunny rabbits handing out chocolate on Golgotha during the crucifixion or the period after the resurrection either, but it hasn’t stopped those cadbury’s creme eggs appearing in the shops five months early either.

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