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Where Is The Nightlife?

Food, or rather some place to eat dinner has been hard to find. So far all we’ve needed have been the complimentary canapés on the terrace. Step up our new discovery, the Ye Olde Fox and Hounds bar with such English fare on the menu as sausage and mash, chicken curry and more. No real ale, but at least ten good beers on the menu. Even Guinness doesn’t taste too bad here.

With the exception of Luau’s which are the exclusive domain of tourists, things seem to shut down here at about 9pm, so why are McD’s, Starbucks and the like open from 5.30am until midnight or later? What do the locals do for nightlife beyond watch the sunset over the pacific? Maybe the answer is in Honolulu rather than Waikiki?

Posted on April 7, 2005   #Nothing in Particular  

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