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When it rains, it really rains

Gave Wani day off and had blissful lie in until 8.30. Arrived at office at 9 for workers to appear. Left door at 10.30 in disgust with no-one showing, and door still open. If their tools get nicked it’s their own fault.

Bought Indian recipe book couple of days earlier and armed with ingredient list, approached Sunil’s with all the confidence of knowing exactly what I want. Still no beer, but found another useful food name. Jeera is codeword for cumin seeds. Always one thing not available. In my case, its curry leaves.

Tried other Sony store and behold have new stereo piece of rubbish to play CDs and the solitary tape I own out here. Had to tell shop assistance the difference between listening to music for quality as opposed to assuming that one is better than another because its louder.

Inspired by success, walk in direction of airport to see how far it Got caught out in the open when it decided to rain again. Still, you can be fairly certain about two things when it rains here. It won’t stop for hours and if you stay undercover you get wet anyway. So I walked home and got soaked through in the first five yards. Can see why the curbs are so high. It’s like walking through a raging torrent - perhaps Dungeon Ghyll [http://www.thecumbriadirectory.com/Cumbria_Countryside/Waterfalls/Dungeon_Ghyll_Force/Dungeon_Ghyll_Force.php] - in a thunderstorm. Have learnt now why sandals are vital purchase here. Shoes will be drying out for days.

Posted on October 1, 2000   #India  

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