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What Is This Blog For?

This blog is not a dedicated braindump in the way that Warren’s [http://www.warrenellis.com] is.

Nor is it a focussed call to arms like Ariana’s [http://www.arianaosborne.com].

It is not a site that I often refer back to. That “magazine with a target audience of one“ is my tumblog [http://tumblr.hmobius.com].

It is however, an aggregate of me. An archive of everything I’ve thought, learnt and tried to do online since August 2000 when I started writing [http://blog.hmobius.com/post/2000/08/02/Curfew-In-Bangalore.aspx] an online diary about living and working in India [/tag/India]. It is not a cohesive whole, except as a well-tagged historical record that you may want to dredge through from time to time. But it is definitely me.

Other sites with a more defined purpose appear elsewhere. They’ll be announced here when they do. And archived here when they end.

Posted on January 6, 2010

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