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Web Matrix Database Add-Ins

I like Web Matrix, but my it’s frustrating when it only half does things for you. Case in point, the current version of Web Matrix has a Database Foreign Key Editor which is nice. What’s a pain is that I can’t specify that an auto-number primary key relates to an integer foreign key because the add-in seems to compare data types by name rather than compatibility, which is daft. Anyone know a fix?

Got me looking around for other database related add-ins of which there are too few. Carlos Aguilar has a database diagram generator add-in which is quite neat (once you’ve got the foreign keys set up) but that’s about it. Certainly nothing that makes it simple to create Indexes on a database table in Web Matrix, that’s for sure.

Has anyone else found useful add-ins for Web Matrix?

Posted on May 4, 2004   #Geek Stuff  

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