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Vic’s Last Day

Late morning heralds unexpected arrivals. Vijay, Shiva and Yashmi appear with their bags having checked out of their hotel and having no place else to go while two unsolicited copies of Beg PHP 4 arrive within five minutes of each other from different senders by different couriers. Meanwhile Shiva has invited himself to stay at Natasha until Sunday.

Vic’s last day, so one last drink with her, Dilip, Hari and John, this time in a redecorated, deconsecrated church, now known as 180 Proof. Very good actually - lots of character. Remember during second drink that Shiva hasn’t left for Mumbai and isn’t in the pub with us, so must be somewhere else, locked out of flat. Sure enough, find him sitting on back porch, waiting for us when we return.

Posted on November 6, 2000   #India  

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