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I’ve been off the net for a bit. Since last I wrote, a lot of things have been thrown up in the air and have yet to settle down to the ground while I’ve been working through my current project at work to move our live system to a new physical location. ‘Moving’ is a good description of everything at the moment. Change of course is a good thing, although everything at once take a little more patience  causes a little more stress than even DNS alterations do. So the servers I manage are moving, the place where I work is moving so I’ll need to move the servers again after that, the place where Janey and I live will move, the place where Janey will work is moving, I have four or five different things I could do outside of work and need to pick a couple, another friend that is still nearby is moving out of Birmingham to Lincoln and very little seems stable. Where the pieces in the air are falling will define my life for the next few years or so. Here’s hoping they don’t get swallowed up in a snowstorm before they land.

Posted on February 20, 2006   #Nothing in Particular  

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