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The Speakers Arrive

One day to go and main duty is now to welcome those speakers flying into town and get them into their hotel with a minimum of fuss before we say hello properly this evening. And so, starting at 6am, I have six round trips to make. Almost have heart attack when one speaker decides to get a later flight and doesn’t tell me. Smile as frightened Europeans leave airport to be mobbed by the swathe of cabbies hawking their overpriced services. That was me five months ago. Only two panics of the day occur when it becomes apparent the KDE and Gnome guys are occupying the same flight—possible carnage there—and that one of the ferryings is being made in the slowest motor vehicle known to humanity. Not a real problem, but I could walk faster. Have one cabby on commission by end of day.

Posted on March 4, 2001   #India  

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