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The Disposable Tail

More food experiments. Tried to cook own food this evening with packet of mix and instructions. Ended up looking, tasting and smelling like acrid tar and road surfacing. Compare with last night at restaurant. Pani Puri starter - kind of crispy bubbles with dips (hint - never try the green), gobi manchoorian and chenna paneer for main with some tandoori roti (that’s freshly cooked flatbreads to us) to eat with them. Awesome food. Still disconcerting to be only white guy in restaurant and, as I realise during the meal, only person not using hands only to eat the food with. Waiter also couldn’t understand why I hadn’t ordered rice. Well nothing on the menu actually said ‘rice dish’.

Tried to catch lizard while out in open. Caught by its tail. Picked up by its tail. Lizard discards section of tail I’m holding, falls to floor and runs off back under fridge. I drop piece of still wiggling tail to floor and stare in horror. Removed it as fast as possible before it starts oozing onto floor and I gag too much.

Posted on September 24, 2000   #India  

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