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The Client Side #010

Covering last Friday and the weekend.

To Read * Progress on HTML5 Microdata Could Revolutionize Web Queries [http://www.readwriteweb.com/hack/2011/08/progress-on-html5-microdata-co.php] At the end of a popular week for microdata, Scott M. Fulton, III tries to establish where the future lies for it, with specs for it being written both by W3C and WHAT-WG as well as a competing standard RDFa. * News roundup: png.js, pouchDB, finding memory leaks in JavaScript, Page Visibility API [http://jsmag.com/blog/2011/08/news-roundup-png-js-pouchdb-finding-memory-leaks-in-javascript-page-visibility-api/?] David Calhoun presents another week’s roundup of releases, articles and upcoming events in Javascript * How to create a spinning, zooming effect on images with CSS3 [http://www.tecvilla.com/posts/27/how-to-create-a-spinning-zooming-effect-on-images-with-css3] Arisson Pauxis uses (only) CSS transforms and transitions to spin and zoom into an image once they are mouseover-ed. * CSS3 Shapes [http://www.css3shapes.com/] A neat reference site that covers how to create shapes using only CSS. Basic shapes such as circles, ellipses and squares are covered through to speech bubbles, eggs and even pacman. * CSS3 vs Photoshop: Opacity and Transparency [http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/htmlcss-tutorials/css3-vs-photoshop-opacity-and-transparency/] Alvaro Guzman compares the Opacity and Transparency features of CSS in browsers against the corresponding features in Photoshop. He also looks at CSS-transitions to fade in a graphics opacity and a slightly more complex demo that combines the two * jWorldmaps: The Anatomy of a jQuery Mapping Plugin [http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/scriptjunkie/hh386352.aspx] G. Andrew Duthie looks at how to embed rich functionality into a jQuery plugin by working through the creation of a plugin which encapsulates the Worldmaps functionality. * jQuery Mobile : Page pre-fetch [http://weblogs.asp.net/yousefjadallah/archive/2011/08/14/jquery-mobile-page-pre-fetch.aspx] Yousef Jadallah invetsigates the Page prefetch feature of jQuery Mobile beta 2 * Persistent Headers [http://css-tricks.com/13465-persistent-headers/] Chris Coyier present a quick technique to keep the header of some content area to stay visible at the top of the screen as you scroll through that content. Then go away when you’ve scrolled past that relevant section. * Make a Rotatable 3D Product Boxshot with Three.js [http://www.elated.com/articles/rotatable-3d-product-boxshot-threejs/] Matt Doyle looks at the Three.js 3d-rendering javascript library. He covers how to set it up, create renderers, scenes, cameras, lights, materials, textures, cuboids and meshes. He also looks at how to animate 3D scenes using render() and requestAnimationFrame(), and learned how to detect WebGL

To Hear * Episode 10: Sprite 3D, Candy, NodeJS discussion, jQuery plugins [http://javascriptshow.com/episodes/10] Episode 10 of the Javascript Show podcast (29:26) * SitePoint Podcast #125: Taming the Stylesheet with Jonathan Snook [http://www.sitepoint.com/podcast-125-taming-the-stylesheet-with-jonathan-snook/?] The latest Sitepoint podcast talks with Jonathan Snook about his recent work for Yahoo on their Web apps like their Mail service and Flickr, and the benefits of using CSS3. He also talks about his recent communication with the W3C Working Group on ideas and changes happening in the CSS3 spec.

To Try * YSlow for Opera, out now! [http://my.opera.com/ODIN/blog/2011/08/12/yslow-for-opera-out-now] Opera’s Developer Relations Team announce that Yahoo’s excellent website performance tool is now available as an Opera extension. * CSS3 Maximizer [http://mudcu.be/journal/2011/08/css3-maximizer/] Michael Deal announces CSS3 Maximizer, an online utility in the same vein as Prefixr but which goes a little further, not only adding in any missing vendor prefixed properties for you but also the values which work best against that browser

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