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The Big Show Begins

IT.com finally here. Stall up and looks a treat from front and back. Volunteers ready and willing. Giant book made it too. Public not allowed in before 4pm, so quiet during the mornings but as suspected, Joe Q. Public shows up with some classic enquiries that they really should be hit for. Take for example, a fourteen or so year old schoolboy, who came up to the stall.

“So you’d like to be a writer then?” “Yes” (sceptically) “So what do you know, C, C++ for example?” “Yes, I know everything, C , C++, Unix” (sensing a bubble to be burst) “Unix eh? Have you worked with Linux?” “What’s that then? Some type of Unix?” “O-o-okay. What flavour of Unix have you used, Solaris, HP, AIX?” (big silence) …

And so it continued. Roughly translated, that little conversation meant ‘I know basic C to the point where I know more about computers and programming than anyone in my family. Thus, I am God.’ Or words to that effect. Expecting more to come.

Also spent some time reigning in our great, but very zealous sales guy, Sriraman, who is great, but does seem to be scaring the public.

Spent evening in the Cosmo Club, a thai place with decor like someone’s living room and big sofa’s to match. Turns out that Indianized thai food tastes very much like regular take away Chinese in UK. Chicken cooked in banana leaf recommended though.

Posted on November 1, 2000   #India  

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