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The Apprentice UK vs US

Last autumn, we had simultaneous seasons of The Apprentice with Donald Trump and a one-off season with Martha Stewart. Right now, we have back to back runthroughs of season 2 for The UK Apprentice and season 5 of The US Apprentice, a far better combination of styles and approaches for the same show to compare and contrast.

The US series always puts a sugar coated gloss on its shows while the UK does away with that and keeps its feet firmly on the ground. It’s like when Simon Cowell went to the States to act as a judge on American Idol. Within 20 minutes of starting the first day, he had already made five auditionees cry because he was bluntly honest and told people to forget that one particular dream of becoming a popstar. I wonder what US candidates would make of Sir Alan Sugar? He does make Trump look soft as cheese in the boardroom and has already come up with a cracking put down telling one unfortunate soul they’ve gone ‘from anchor to wanker’ in one fell swoop. Oddly, Martha Stewart’s board room used the same colour palette as Sir Alan but with a couple of nice lamps and a gauze over the camera to give it the Martha-look(TM). In comparison, the blue-green UK boardroom is as stark and blunt as the businessman that calls the shots within. He has his own hair too. Welcome back Sir Alan, we’ve missed you.

The BBC are also making each episode of the new UK series available online as soon as it airs terrestrially. Find it on the minisite at www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice [http://www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice].

Posted on February 23, 2006   #Nothing in Particular  

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