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Tales From Seattle

So there I am. I’ve just got out of the taxi, standing in front of building 19 on the Redmond campus, home of Microsoft recruiting. Walking towards the entrance, I suddenly come over with an intense hot flush, make a diversion towards the litter bin just to the right of the door and proceed to vomit therein.

Wind back a couple of days. Jane and I have finally arrived in Seattle after twelve hours flying and four hours in a tepid, foggy Newark. The taxi driver has identified our accent and assumed that because we are British we therefore know all there is to know about Burma’s association with the UK in the last World War … a topic which he has been studying for a while but has a few queries on. Mix paranoia with an additional (mis)connection of several random thoughts and this guy is spookily similar to Mel Gibson’s character in Conspiracy Theory. Wonder if he padlocks his coffee can?

Wake up in the morning and have late breakfast before discovering Seattle for a bit. Pike Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium and its underground tour are good fun but it’s harder than we thought to grab a cab in rush hour. By the time we get back, we could have walked halfway and Jane is feeling a little queasy. Looks like the eggs for breakfast have given her food poisoning are the results are obvious. Cue a night of staying awake as I worry about her, the interviews in the morning and start to feel ill myself and it’s not looking good. By the time I make my appearance at Building 19, I am green and hoping to make it to a rest room before the inevitable occurs. Still, at least I was tidy. My appointments are hastily rescheduled for the following day and I leave to recuperate.

Of course when I return, everyone’s first words involve the phrase “food poisoning” or the question “do you feel better?” Know with a certainty that I will be “the guy who vomited on interview day” during my time there if I do get the job. Still, the loop is much warmer to me than it might otherwise be and I thank those involved for making me feel welcome. However, a word of advice for those staying at the Marriott Courtyard in Redmond. Stay off the eggs.

Posted on November 1, 2003   #Attending Events  

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