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Surveying The Highs and The Lows

It has been a funny week. One of those seven days when more than a few things have happened that I wasn’t quite expecting. Monday had me at Mike Keneally’s [http://www.keneally.com] first ever UK gig - a Taylor guitars demo at a music shop - which I only found out about twelve hours before. Thank heavens for the web. Tuesday was Anthrax [http://www.anthrax.com]. These guys were the second band I ever saw at a concert over ten years ago and they still go at it like demons. It was truly awesome to watch. Wednesday saw me finally give the TwentyTwoOverSeven guys their EP just moments before their last ever gig and break up and it wasn’t until Thursday, I actually managed to sit down and chill.

Then of course, Friday saw the dissolution of Wrox Press [/Wrox-Has-Fallen]. It’s very sad to see the company you grew up in go the way of the dodo, but at the same time sixteen months of freelancing has kind of numbed me to the announcement of its demise. Post mortems are irrelevant - they were in process over eighteen months ago. Time to move on.

Posted on March 17, 2003   #Music  

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