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Right then. A Spec

Autumn has let itself in through the back door. Suddenly noticed central reservations covered in leaves and trees in their usual rusty colours. Start of a season, start of a book - nice symmetry. Looks like Chris and I have managed to untangle the spec that actually got approved by the MSPress editorial board before anyone from the actual web services team has had a look at it in any detail. Don’t know what we were thinking to be honest. Now we turn to the hard part - chapter outlines. If we can get these to match up and agree on examples, the actual writing of the book is fairly easy.

Have discovered I think better while I’m pacing about. Doubt this means I’ll buy a cinema vendor’s tray and use that to put my laptop on for the luddite’s version of portable computing, but will have to bear this in mind.

If you’re going to start someplace, start at the beginning - especially if you’ve got to write about it afterwards. For the time being, am trawling through the help sections on web services in the .NET SDK and VS.NET help. That’ll be a start.

Posted on October 4, 2002   #.NET Web Services     #Writing  

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