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Research Commences

There are seven very large floors in the quiet and peaceful Birmingham Central Reference Library [http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/centrallibrary.bcc]. Annoyingly, there seem to be only ten circuit breakers for laptops across those seven floors. Never have I been so happy to have a spare battery for the laptop. Actually, never before have I had to use the spare.

There are about 74 A4 pages worth of notes directly linked to the phrase ’web services’ in the .NET SDK Contents and I’ve read and annotated all of them. There are only four mistakes that I noticed. Now to read the other half tucked under the index. Inkjet has, of course, run out while giving me hard copy of the seventy four. Last few pages appear as series of dots and dashes that I defy people to decode. My notes appear as scrambled as they are in my head. Standard pre-writing jitters. Will continue to get worse until outline is constructed. Added complication that there’s the pseudo-pressure of bearing in mind how long the chapter should be - i.e. long. Chapter will actually be as long as it needs to be. i.e. Long

Am seriously considering cashing in my ISA to take Developmentor [http://www.develop.com]’s Guerilla Web Services.NET course next month. It’s not as though shares mean much at the moment. Quite like the idea of wringing dry the heads at DMentor of knowledge and then going from there. I shall sharpen my whittling skills forthwith.

Posted on October 13, 2002   #.NET Web Services     #Writing  

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