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Programming .NET XML Web Services is Complete

All things must end, good or bad. This book for one. At 00:35 today, the final chapter draft was written, signed, sealed and delivered to MS. At bloody last. In the process, about 17,000 words were written in fourteen days, the laptop has almost totally packed up (the end of another era - I took that to India with me three years ago, oh the memories) and I’m off on holiday in ten hours time. Talk about cutting it fine.

On other ending notes, it looks like Blackwell will shut down their servers while I’m away so bear with me if hmobius.com suddenly becomes unavailable. I’ll build version 3 when I get back after Easter. Six months on my backside and two stone heavier - I want a job outside for a while.

Signing off.

Posted on April 7, 2003   #.NET Web Services     #Writing  

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