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PDC, Here I Come

PDC is booked, flighted, hotelled and generally sorted out. I somehow have a press pass for ASPToday, which means access to the press lounge as well, which is cool. ASPToday and APress [http://www.apress.com] will have a booth on the Exhibitor’s forum - Stand number 533 I believe, so make sure you come down and say hi. If I’m not there, there will be five of us manning the place for the duration.

If I’m not there, look for me in any session that begins with the word Indigo. It calls to me…

The attendee party at Universal Studios sounds a lot more inviting than the bar crawl down Sunset Strip I joined at PDC 2001. I still have no idea how I made it back to the hotel. I hope they turn Jaws off before it gets late. Waking up hung over on that little island in the middle of the Jaws pool is probably not out of the realms of geek possibility. Lots of folk lore points for sure.

Posted on October 9, 2003   #Attending Events  

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