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Pass The Legal Marriage Buck

When I proposed to Jane back in February, I was living fifty miles from her and neither of us had an idea where we would be living at the time of our wedding next April. It seemed logical then to set the location at some place constant, so we chose my parents’ place in Kent on the south coast. Now we’re settled in Birmingham, the 200 mile journey to Kent isn’t a problem, nor are the majority of the arrangements - the phone and the internet are wonderful things - with the exception of the legal paperwork.

From both a legal and a church perspective, I have to go to my local church  registry office to ask the local diocese  registrar to ask the Kent diocese  registrar to allow the Kent church  registry office to marry us notwithstanding the letter I have written to the Kent priest to ask his diocese to ask the pope no less for special dispensation to allow me to marry a non-Catholic even though she is Christian. And the worse thing, there’s no way to chase up where the buck has been passed at any one time. Oh for a tracking number. A word of advice then if you’re thinking of proposing. Find out where you’ll be living and get married there. You’ll have fewer headaches.

Posted on October 5, 2004   #Nothing in Particular  

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