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Oh Such Progress…

Ah such progress has been made as could not previously be credited. Two chapters now totally done, another out for review, two left to go and six weeks to do them. Have also spent two days in the studio mixing Chris Mills [http://my.opera.com/chrismills/blog/]’s band, much to the consternation of the non-death/grindcore loving staff there. But that’s done too - hurrah - and I’ve even had time to start filling in job application forms, write some reviews, line up work for after Easter, design this year’s Noises Off [http://www.nsdf.org.uk/] t-shirt and do some washing up. My only conclusion is that the longer I leave between making these blog entries, the more I actually do.

To which extent, I offer you these far more interesting blogs to peruse. Mark Pilgrim [http://www.diveintomark.org] - a techy person, Kevin Shirley [http://www.cavemanproductions.com/cavediary.htm], a well known producing person currently putting the final touches to Iron Maiden’s latest album, and Wil Wheaton [http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/] - yes that one off Star Trek, though he’s not best pleased with that legacy methinks.

Posted on February 21, 2003   #.NET Web Services  

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