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Not quite TGI Fridays

Spent morning finding right department in right hospital for right blood tests for certificate of healthiness for registration at Indian Police Commissioners.

Bizarrely, there’s a TGI Fridays been opened in the same block as the office. Went in for lunch. Found out it’s not officially open except for training. Saw two beleaguered Americans who definitely knew what they were doing trying to teach everything (manners, cooking, waitressing, cocktail shaking and so on) to two dozen Indian staff who obviously didn’t. All windows there have posters of Rajkumar, the actor who got kidnapped, taped on them. Building next door got all windows smashed in last bundh (riot) so staff trying to prevent that in next one, inconveniently scheduled for same day as their opening. Food there weird Indian versions of westernised food. Potato skins and melted processed cheese. Mmmm.

Posted on September 22, 2000   #India  

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