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Me Versus The Mouse

Am now tensing each time I turn light on in kitchen in case I can catch mouse. As suspected, rodent went for an unopened pack of pistachios left out last night. Have blocked escape route via taps with large bottle of Sprite. In other home experiments have discovered exactly how long the flavour seal on an open tube of pringles works for (about two weeks if you’re interested) and why you should never buy toasties from the local baker unless you believe that roughly chopped onion, garlic and chillis with seeds on toast is actually a tasty treat.

BangLinux uppers and downers. Upper—instead of nine sessions short we are now five over. Need now to figure what to do with them all. Expecting more as well. Downer —mood in the air suggests MumJava might be beyond saving. Linux also now has direct competition in the guise of Sun India who decided that March 5,6 would be a good time to have a small seminar. John actually rings up Sun GM and tells him off for being irresponsible.

New girl Deepa in to help Dilip for last push. Good job—conference ad page 3 in national paper. On front page in color day after tomorrow. She hasn’t got a computer and I haven’t got a wedding present for Jools. Maybe umbrella would be appropriate. It has rained everyday in Colombo for the last two weeks.

Posted on February 19, 2001   #India  

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