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Joe Satriani in Birmingham

A day that started on a low - see previous post [/post/2006/06/20/Oxford-Hates-Cars.aspx] - ends on a high with a trip to see Joe Satriani at Birmingham Symphony Hall ably - for a change - supported by Johnny A, a guitarist I’d not encountered before. Smoother, jazzier sounds but no less impressive. He looks like a cross between Dave Stewart and Don Box - he’s on the left by the way - but has better guitar chops than both :).

And then came Joe. I’ve already mentioned how good the new album Super Colossal is, and hearing some of it live is just as good. There’s something a bit timeless about Joe. He always wears the same gear, always plays amazingly and always tries to do something different with each track. Tonight is no different and we get six songs from Super Colossal along with highlights from the classic Surfing With The Alien, Flying In A Blue Dream and Extremist records. With the exception of Cool #9 from the eponymous album, that’s it actually. It kind of affirms what I thought - that Super Colossal is an amalgam  conclusion of the three albums he released before it. Fine with me. I just can’t help breaking into big grins throughout the gig as Joe does his thing. Damn it’s fine. If you’ve got a chance to see him this tour, make sure you go.

Posted on June 21, 2006   #Attending Events  

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