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India’s David Beckham

Woke up to a power cut and invasion by landlady demanding to know why I haven’t paid the electricity bill I never got. A human red letter bill then whose name is still on my power bill it would seem.

At the office, Patrick our driver is revealing another piece of his life before his cab driving days. Back in the early fifties he was the David Beckham of his time, scoring hat tricks and winning the Indian Football Association’s League Shield. His premature knee injury a la Gazza even caused what papers referred to as ’the Patrick Episode’.

For some time past, the news had been brewing in the club corners that East Bengal would play Patrick of the Army as soon as the Army authorities would release him to play for East Bengal. It is learnt that the Army authorities made a condition precedent that unless East Bengal had done something to meet and cover Patrick’s major injury and his consequential physical disability and handicap permanently he would not be released to play for East Bengal. East Bengal’s need of Patrick at the eleventh hour made them very anxious. Frantic efforts were made by the Champion Club to get this player and the Club’s decision to cover Patrick’s physical disability with an insurance policy settled the matter.

Hurry home to get camera for the clippings and get caught by mad Irish woman who ‘isn’t in any trouble or anything’ and needs to seek refuge in a catholic church. Umm, err, oooeck.

All seven of seven computers in the office are either not working all together or are complaining for some reason. This is what they call teething troubles I guess.

Posted on November 22, 2000   #India  

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