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I Live Here

Discover flat and surroundings. Most western style flat possibly in India. Bed still plank of wood with futon cover only. Forty plus light switches in the place, four spiders, a few mosquitoes and no cockroaches. Hey, not bad. Telephone constantly ringing as this is still the only point of contact for the Indian office at all. Voices on other end usually indecipherable and usually unable to accept that I’m neither John nor the landlord who also used to live here. Either that or they simply can’t hear me and hang up.

Natasha Golf View Apartments is pretty groovy. 5 blocks of flats, 4 around a quadrangle with swimming pool and community centre with gym, sauna, badminton court and snooker table. Also a couple of stores for quick supplies. You can’t browse though. Guy called Sunil just asks “What you want” and you have to know. Wouldn’t be too bad if it sold English food. Salt and pepper and green veg are roughly the same but that’s about it for foods. I know that I can buy Dal and Green Masala but have no idea what to do with them.

Posted on September 20, 2000   #India  

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