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Grammies, Introductions and Fan Excretions

The Grammys—simile for award show even longer than the Oscars and more gratuitously kiss-assing that even the networks realize they should only broadcast the end half of the show and not its entirety. As usual, the best sections are the one-off pairings of musicians you wouldn’t normally group together. Top of the pile definitely Moby, Jill Scott and the Blue Man Group, followed closely by Elton John and Eminem, who incidentally was snubbed by NARAS for best album of the year, when he obviously should have won. Steely Dan won instead.

Introduce Tim to the old faces, the local daba and ice cream parlour, why you’re not safe from vehicles even on the pavement and Bajaj the landlord who is back from Chennai early to attend a seminar tomorrow in town. Seems he’s excelled himself and not only reserved me a room in a hotel for my one day in Chennai but a driver for the entire day as well. For nothing. Must figure out what to get him as a thank you gift when I leave.

More late night noise emanating from the kitchen. Can’t be mouse unless it has also found way behind extractor fan. Switch it on full for warning effect and am sprayed by unidentified dirt and crap by fan itself. Noise does appear to have stopped meanwhile.

Posted on February 22, 2001   #India  

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