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Give Me Strength…

Need to kill a rickshaw driver. Doesn’t matter which one.

First rick driver took us to the wrong side of the palace grounds in the morning. Expected the exhibitor’s entrance and saw a funfair we didn’t know even existed instead. Much shouting resolved this place to be 400 yards away from the public car parks for the show. Helpful? No. 

Also needed to pop out to the IISc where some Linux tech talks were being given to accompany the show. Not a single rick driver would put the meter on when I asked them too and nor would they charge me less than 100 rupees for a 30 rupee ride. Guess (white guy == target) == TRUE in their books at the moment. After wasting half an hour trying five different ricks and getting straight back out again, got lift with Dilip instead.

Meal out with Mumbai guys. Discover green washing up liquid dishwasher water that gets served with puri is called Rasam - apparently made with Tamarind. Still don’t care. Still tastes like last weeks sewage. Sriraman lives on this stuff though. Beginning to understand why he is generally hyper.

Learn India has holistic alternative medicine practice here called Ayurveda (eye-your-veddah). Somewhat the equivalent of Tai Chi.

Posted on November 2, 2000   #India  

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