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First impressions of Vista

Five days in with life on Vista x64 after the hardships of going quad [/post/2007/08/02/When-Things-Go-Wrong-Going-Quad.aspx] and I’m trying to get used to working the Vista way but a few things are jarring.

The transition between Windows 98 and 2000, 2000 and XP & XP and Vista always have these quirks but the hardest thing as ever is to accept that you can’t retrain the new Oto act like the old one. I think Chris tried for a few weeks to get XP working like 2000 and I fear the attempt was in vain. The blogosphere is much larger now than it was 2001 when XP was launched so all the answers to my questions will be there somewhere if I can be arsed to find them. Can anyone recommend me a good book on power-using Vista instead?

Posted on August 7, 2007   #Geek Stuff  

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