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Dream One

Mostly I dream film mashups, but this was an event.

So I’m looking at a building which I’ve seen a million times before in my dreams - an amalgam of several different ones - which is probably doubling for a cathedral in this case. There’s a very small service taking place outside - the archbishop is celebrating mass while his curate is filming it using a full size TV camera from the 80s that Tiswas used to love to torture. They have not rehearsed it so the camera keeps getting in the way. Archie gets pissed at the camera and berates the two three year olds who keep walking up to him because their mums can’t stop them coming up to see dad.

Meanwhile my dead granddad (recognised by face) is talking to Michael Meacher MP (identified by the former naming the latter) and Daniel Radcliffe (also recognised by face) is also around nearer the altar waiting for communion.

Then its 6am

Posted on May 2, 2008   #Nothing in Particular  

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