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DDoS vs Internet - fight!!

It’s been an interesting few days thanks to the rather large denial of service attack on the internet’s root servers. Although all thirteen servers were nominally hit, the attack had less effect on the net than the 9/11 attacks when anyone online simply swamped the net looking for a news feed. Which is encouraging.

What interested me more was the amount of information provided by the maintainers of those servers who fared better than others on how their root server works and how it coped. For those interested, have a look at http://www.isc.org/ops/f-root/ for details of just one and this presentation here [http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0702/presentations/knight.pdf] for how it coped and what the attack looked like from its perspective. What encourages me is that only 3 of the 13 root servers are built like this, so attacks to bring down all the roots at the same time will need either a lot more brute force or several different styles to their attack depending on the structure of each root.

And if you’re still reading, share a smile on this rather more personal perspective on the attack from a new ICANN employee - On the inside, looking out at a tornado [http://blog.icann.org/?p=24].

Posted on February 15, 2007   #Geek Stuff  

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