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Comic Books and Tube Trains

Braved the Indian cinema experience today. Films here come out about ten weeks after releasing in the West. Ignoring the reasonably atrocious painted posters advertising the films, entry is just 55 rupees or about 80 pence. Price low, quality also low and thrown in time warp back to seventies. Seats come from sedentary hell - plastic covered, narrow width, wooden, you get the idea. Pre-film adverts all repeated twice as well in case you missed them the first time. There’s an intermission in the middle of the film to take the suspense out of it for you and the air conditioning can be heard over the soundtrack for its entire length. Still, X-Men [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120903/] remains a good film even after multiple viewings. Can’t wait for the DVD. X-Men painted poster outside cinema features none of the main characters in the film. Biggest billing goes to Mystique - is that ’cos she’s nekkid?

Found English-themed pub in town called the Underground. Aims for entire room to be a bar in a tube carriage. Umm. Where’s the litter on the floor, annoying half-audible train driver announcements and drunk in the corner then? Oh I’m sorry, it said ‘themed’. Still, beer quite nice and saw England beat Pakistan with a score of 306 for 5. Beat that, Razzaq.

Posted on October 24, 2000   #India  

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