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Bring Her Home

Badly injured Bay Area girl, in a coma in India - kept for a while in horrid conditions, and without proper medical attention.

Though she is in a better hospital than she was previously, being home for the rest of her care would help her, and her family a lot.

Family and friends are trying to raise the money for that.

You can help bring her home by going here [http://friendsofhollis.blogspot.com/] , and donating anything - a few dollars, a few more. Please don’t think you can’t make a difference on this one, those pennies and dollars do add up.

You can read more here: Coilhouse [http://coilhouse.net/2009/03/04/performercyclist-hollis-hawthorne-needs-our-help/]

Posted on March 5, 2009   #Megaphone  

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