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Bigger than IBM and Microsoft

Phones back up. Fridge working briefly then not. Now plug needs replacing too. Fortunately sorted out in morning. Evening saw false alarm as showers seemed to have failed as well. Judicious turning of many and varied taps in general vicinity of bathroom proved otherwise

Indian food supposed to affect western stomachs. Have been totally fine thus far. Ironically, TGI food seems to have disagreed with John.

Went up and saw the grounds for IT.com. They are building twelve aircraft hanger like structures in the grounds of the maharaja’s palace here in Bangalore. They are expecting 250,000 people through the gates - impressive. Linux pavilion in far corner of area however, although next to main food court so not all bad. Interestingly, Micro$oft didn’t apply for a stall in time and IBM, who are also in the Linux pavilion, have a smaller stall than us. Who’d have thought?

Posted on October 6, 2000   #India  

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