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Best Albums of 2014 : #5

Bog Oak : A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife Recent months have seen a trio of début EPs make their mark, three short bursts of three takes on classic black metal. Spider Kitten present their fun take on Viking stories in their downtime from the main musical projects, while Amelie Brunn’s one woman project Myrkur presents some interesting possibilities crossing pure soprano  girl choir sensibilities with more traditional sounding Scandinavian fare. However, it’s Californian trio Bog Oak and their A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife EP which I have to highlight. A hint of Stoner arrangement, singer Julie Seymour adjusting the level of wretchedness in her vocals as appropriate, there’s just something very right with these four tracks.

Posted on May 1, 2018   #Music  

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