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Bernadette’s Crucible Day 1

Started work on my first feature film today as part of camera crew. Most of my weekends through to Christmas will be taken up with this. Mike, who usually produces has had this project in head for past two years and has taken up directorial reins this year with his co-conspirators in Dark Eyes [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0303884/] taking up production and art direction duties respectively. Hopefully Bernadette will be as well received as their previous effort.

10am. Auspicious start. Today’s location is confounding some of the crew members as it’s not on their A-Zs. While we wait for them to arrive for 9am call, acquaintances are either renewed or started afresh. DoP Mark for example is an escapee from realms of shopping TV. Lack of gray matter down cheeks appears to indicate his brains have not melted from filming hands modelling 9ct gold necklaces as puddles of gold in endless repeat.

1pm. All present, correct and signed in. Mike provides pep talk and welcome as filmed by making of crew of one. Spent morning in garden with Mark taking shots for opening credits. Need bee wrangler. Damn things wont stay put on flowers to film them and even if they do, wont stay long enough to sign release form. Spiders are better they just hang around (sic).

4pm. First official shot is in the can. First bit of black gaffer used feels like progress. To this point, first AD Sarah has been taking polaroids of all leads’ costume changes for entire shoot and we have been setting up for a garden shot. Unfortunately, first shot ends up in a bedroom and we have only one camera. Director promises we shall spend rest of day in garden.

7.30pm. Sun has gone and time has been called. We’re two shots ahead even though we started an hour late. Director is dead chuffed and were dead tired. Day one ends nice and smooth. Here’s hoping the same for day two.

Posted on September 4, 2004   #Making Films  

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