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BangLinux Day 2

Know every patch of ground between halls 1 and 2 as my sprinting continues between the two making sure lectures start on time. Shoulders are finally healing after six days of muted agony. The Simputer [http://www.simputer.org] is officially launched at one of the sessions. One guy simply doesn’t turn up for his talk. Grumblings aimed at me but no-one knows where he is, not even his mates. Reschedule but end up running my own Q&A session at the end of the day as a result. Tame cabby turns up again. Not needed tonight but spends fifteen minutes arguing that he should be paid for the fuel he spent getting here anyway. Politely, he gets told exactly where he can put his fuel. Won’t be expecting him to reappear tomorrow.

Everyone jetting off after sessions tomorrow so tonight is the posh thank you meal. After some effort, hotel arranges six Ambassadors (the cars, not the diplomats) to take twenty of us out of town to an open air restaurant called Gulkarnas. In fact, the place is booked out just for us. Kingfisher flows and the food is served on banana leaves while conversation flows between last year’s BangLinux, open source as a business, and whether or not the whole Skynet scenario in The Terminator could actually happen.

Posted on March 6, 2001   #India  

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