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ASP.NET’s Midlife Crisis

8000 words into the new book and then my mind turned left…

They say that a year in internet terms is equivalent to three or so in our own. The speed with which the web development tools we use continue to change and improve remains consistently high despite the fact that in internet terms, the web is now in its fifties. ASP.NET development too has reached its mid-life crisis, swapping the classic postback estate car for the sportier Web 2.0, AJAX-enabled asynchronous model, dallying with coquettish client-side javascript libraries and yet still relying on the server-side framework to do all the chores that are taken for granted while it remains ignorant of those interactions on the browser. Some homely webforms with the extra slice of viewstate on their pages have been divorced in favour of the slimmer, higher maintenance MVC models, while CSS fashion gurus tell us that this year’s little black dress is increased web standards compliance (when is it not?) with a dash of HTML 5 and a soupcon of CSS 3, accessorized with a little Silverlight bling and social network integration.

Posted on January 11, 2010   #Geek Stuff     #Prog ASP.NET 4.0     #Writing  

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