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And Now A FLOOD!

One of the more surreal fortnights. Plans all changed as I’m not currently in Bangalore as was supposed to be. Instead, two weeks of intensive cram on Java and Wireless technologies. as with Windows and Linux, a lot is centred around the concepts of XML, Performance, App Design and E-Commerce. Wrote editorial based on Bill Joy’s ’Six webs‚ keynote speech at JavaOne with respect to India. Rescheduled all the tickets out as well so there’s almost no going back this time around. Learned that compiling a cover cd is pretty simple as long as you don’t mind drowning in different license agreements. Leaving celebrations will now coincide with that of another guy at work who is leaving for good. Very large sesh ahead then.

It also rained a bit in India this week. Approximately 10 inches of rain fell on Hyderabad in 24 hours, and did it flood? Oh yessir. Don’t think it hit Bangalore as much. Bombay certainly got its own fair share though. Oh, and watched with incredulity as a toy clanger was hung from a curtain rail by some network flex.

Just don’t ask.

Posted on August 31, 2000   #India  

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