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Wake early to watch superbowl and find a mozzie-designed pincushion that used to be my left elbow. Can’t think why all of a sudden all those locals would tune in on one particualr part of me but there you go.

Think I feel lorry go past at 8am, but the shaking goes on until I realise it’s an earthquake too and before I can do anything it stops. That would have been me dead then if it had been a strong one. Whole city takes this as a sign and local radio plants rumours that more quakes are due at 1pm and 4.30 pm this afternoon. Of course they don’t but all schools stay shut for the day and all high rise building are evacuated for the majority of it. A four day weekend instead of three.

John’s luggage has finally made it back to Bangalore a week after John did and with it comes my modem cable which is well timed as the office network is becoming more and more unusable. Random users get randomly good access to the net and mail for a random period of time, often not more than a minute. Not good. Modem is fine though. Slink off home in frustration to make use of it.

Posted on January 29, 2001   #India  

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